Hydraulic shear omag series mod. CM 308
Hydraulic machines omag "CM" series have variable cutting angle and powered back gauge at one speed with 600 mm of stroke. Availability of several accessories improve the features of this machine. 
Frame : it is in rolled steel sheet metal, welded and strengthened in order to determine the maximum stiffness. 
Cylinders : at double effect, they are in steel and lapped; shafts are also in steel and hardened.  
Blade holder : it runs on a vertical table and it is controlled directly by two standard cylinders and it is driven by a roll-bearings system. 
Hold down cylinders : being independent, the thightening power is automatically adjusted following the thickness of the metal to be cut. 
Blades : both the top and bottom  blades are at 4 cutting edges.  
Working cycles : single. 
Cutting angle adjustment : by 3 positions selector. 
Blade gap adjustment : it is obtained by acting on 2 levers placed on the side of the machine which are equipped with an indicator.
Technical details and photo : 
Cutting length
Cutting thick ( St42 )
4050 mm.
6 mm.
3050 mm.
8 mm.
3050 mm.
10 mm.
3050 mm.
13 mm.
3050 mm.
16 mm.
3050 mm.
20 mm.
Standard equipment 
- Back gauge with cold-formed screws, powered at 1 speed, electronic display, 750 mm stroke 
- Set of blades suitable to cut mild steel at 4 cutting edges. 
- Cutting area ligthing 
- Millimeter squaring arm, 900 mm. long complete of fingers and 2/3 front extensions. 
- Sliding balls on crooked sheet holder   
- Back shute for sheet 
- First filling oil 
- Safety device according to CE rules ( for UE countries only )
- Pneumatic rear sheet support system 
-Numerical control for back gauge type PGP 401 "Touch&Go" including : 
 . Stroke counter 
 . Self-withdrawal 
 . Buffer memory for data insertion (5 years) 
- Set of blades for stainless steel